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**9/14/23 Update**

Based on the recent news that the IRS issued a moratorium on all new claims received after 9/14/23, I have decided to discount the calculator accordingly.

We don't know how the IRS will administer this program after 1/1/24 however ERC data integrity and qualification methods will be the new issue for clients and advisers moving forward. The IRS will be aggressively auditing and reviewing their internal controls to make sure new claims are valid and supported.

We're shifting focus in providing risk assessments on the quality of the claims processed by ERC Mills and dubious and unqualified participants as the IRS stands up it's audit regime.

This calculator can help you recalculate previously filed claims from these third-party opportunists with the most accurate methods and processes.


My name is Ted Galatsianos, I'm the owner and developer of the ERTC Calculator helping many CPAs, accountants and small business professionals over the last two years.

I'm an accounting professional myself with over thirty years of experience in the industry. My affiliate company is OPS Accounting where I serve clients in multiple industries in the greater Chicago area.

I also have a specialization in the restaurant industry so the pandemic hit my restaurant clients especially hard. I worked tirelessly to figure out a good way to calculate the ERTC credit to help them as soon as I was able to.

I started a YouTube channel which you can explore in the blog section, to catalog my work and provide other practitioners and business owners guidance on how to structure and organize data to complete the most accurate calculation possible.

What I realized is that while people appreciated the guidance, what they wanted in the end was the actual spreadsheet I created and so people started asking me if they could buy it.

I've sold hundreds of calculators during this time and have had 100% satisfaction. I know you'll greatly benefit from the time and effort it took to create and provide yourself of your clients with the most robust and accurate calculation for ERC.

  • Carmen M

    Love the spread sheet. I have used it probably 20 times thus far and have a long list of other clients I need to check out when it slows down. Hahahahaha. I have been surprised at how fast the refunds are coming, our clients are getting their refunds with in 4-5 months and it doesn't seem to matter the amount of the refunds...This calculator really has helped a ton, I am so glad that I found it.

  • Scott E

    Like mostittook a while but as of Friday we have all of our submissions received and paid,ittook about 10 months.  We had 38 submissions out of 105 actual calculations with your software.  Most did not qualify as PPP and Family on Payroll wiped out most if the credits but the 38 we submitted all went through just fine.

  • Larry F

    Thanks for the email.  Yes, your spreadsheet did help.Ithelped me get my head around how to get to the correct ERTC #.We have not had the IRS question our #'s yet (yahoo). We should be finished filing ERTC's, unless a new client comes in. Now we are starting to amend the 2020 returns, applying ERTC funds to the financials.

  • Michael R

    The spreadsheet worked great. I even added a few features such as accuracy verification fields and conditional formatting. We submitted our first amendments back in early March and those first clients are starting to receive refunds. We appreciate your effort.